August 9th, 2005

Mark & Sheri 1999

Yay! The hubby's home! :D

Sorry for my lack of updates recently. :P This new healthy eating and exercise plan that I'm on again has been literally consuming all my free time lately. :P When I'm not exercising, I'm planning out my meals (adding up calories and grams of fat) and cutting fruits and vegetables and preparing food for lunch and mid-morning snacks. I remember now why I stopped doing this - it was so much easier to just grab a granola bar or bagel on the way out of the house and call that breakfast... :P

In happy news, Mark came home on Monday! :D I think this was the first time that I couldn't wait for the weekend to be over! All weekend I kept thinking, "It's almost Monday..." It's a shame that work had to come WITH that Monday, but at least the hubby is safely home. :D And it's funny but I'd always thought of myself as being fairly independent (I lived alone in Santa Barbara for almost 4 years in college and I just love to travel by myself) so I thought that the four days that Mark was away wouldn't be too bad... but I really found myself missing him a lot while he was away! :( To think that this little Vegas trip was only four days - what'll I do when he's in Japan for two weeks in October? :P

Mark had a wonderful time in Vegas, though and proudly showed me all the photos he took on his trip. :) As I looked through them I noticed that none of them had people in them, they were only photos of the food he ate! I guess it's clear to see what's important to him about his trips! ;)

On a completely separate theatre note, Bets' show "Will Rogers Follies" opens in Vista tomorrow night and on Sunday, Kevin will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl with Jeremy Irons, Melissa Errico, and James Barbour in "Camelot". I'm disappointed that I'll be missing another show at the Hollywood Bowl (I always miss Kevin's performances there!), but with conversion just around the corner, there's no way I would've been able to take the time off from work. :(

Well, I'd better run and grab a much needed shower, but before I leave I wanted to send out a big Happy Birthday wish to beam861, whose birthday is on the 10th! Hope you have a nice one, Barb - miss you around here! :) Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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