August 13th, 2005


All that happiness after 69 years of marriage! :)

Today Mark & I went with my Mom to my Uncle and Aunt's 69th wedding anniversary party. I can't even imagine 69 years of marriage - I'd seen couples who'd been married for 50 years, but this was the first time I'd heard of anyone celebrating almost 70 years of marriage! What was so amazing was at their age (he's 93 and she's 92) they're still healthy and strong, and I wouldn't be surprised if six years from now, we're all back again to celebrate their 75th anniversary. :)

As I've mentioned before, my Dad came from a HUGE family of eight brothers and sisters, all of whom are MUCH older than he was (his oldest brother - who is my uncle that the party was honoring - was 17 years older than he was!) - and he and my Mom were VERY far apart in age (my Dad was 13 years older than my Mom) so most of my cousins are all MUCH older than my Mom and all of my cousin's children are even older than I am! Most of my aunts and uncles are in their mid to late 80s which is generally the age of most grandparents of people my age.

It was so nice to see my Dad's side of the family since I rarely get together with them. It was also interesting to hear that my uncle and aunt (who the party was honoring) had to elope to Kauai to get married because, in 1936, inter-racial marriages were really frowned upon. There was also a wonderful slide show that had lots of pictures of my grandparents (who both passed away when I was very young and who I hardly knew).

It was SUCH a touching celebration and my uncle was literally in tears most of the time because he was so touched that all his family was together for his special occasion. I was just so glad that I was able to be there to help them celebrate! :D

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I'd better run so I can give some attention to the fuzzy dog (who was alone for most of the day). Hope you all have a great evening! :)
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