August 30th, 2005


Rats! (Part II)

Those who have been reading my LJ for a while will remember the problem my office had with rats... Apparently at night, the critters would come out and eat food off of our desks. Once it even pulled off and ate candy from our sales manager's candy cane tree that she had on her desk for Christmas... Well, since my initial post in November, we hadn't really seen or heard too much about them,... until yesterday. :P

I was quietly sitting in my office yesterday morning half trying to wake up and half focused on the morning trades when my boss stopped at the doorway to his office. "Wow - that's a HUGE rat," he said in a really calm voice. As soon as he said that, my male co-worker (who was sitting at the desk right outside my boss' office) got up and RAN across to the other end of the room - while everyone else gathered in my boss' doorway. My office is right next door to my boss' and at first, I thought he was joking because he was so calm about everything, but when I stood up I could see that he wasn't. :P

The rat was caught in a sticky trap and was still alive (wah!) and I think I was the only one who felt completely sorry for it. Yes it's a rodent, and yes I know it may carry diseases, but what an inhumane way to trap any animal. :( I walked across the room and couldn't watch as they tried to get rid of it - everyone thought I was afraid, but I left because I just felt so bad for it. :(

The one amusing thing was that all the men in the office got as far away from the rat as possible and all the women were the ones who ended up taking care of it. We certainly do have some brave women in our office - the men were another story. ;) And it was quite the excitement for an early Monday morning - and trust me, after that, I was wide awake. :P

In other news, today my co-workers ordered breakfast from a wonderful place nearby and after much debate, I decided not to get anything. :( The hardest part about being on a healthy eating plan is that in my office, the bad-for-you eating is almost constant. :( So I sat there eating my grapes as they all ate their fried rice and portugese sausage omelets and I have to admit, after a while, the grapes started to taste a little sour. ;) Of course I'm kidding because in the end, I was pretty happy I didn't give in and eat anything. :) Hopefully I'm finally taking my first steps toward beating my stress-eating problem. :D

I'd better run and get some things done on my sites. I was so exhausted last night, I fell asleep without even getting online. Hopefully once the conversion is over and things have calmed down at work, I'll have more energy at night for LJ and my sites again. Thank you all for your patience with me in commenting and replying to your comments - I may not be as prompt as I was before, but please know that I appreciate all of you and all of your sweet comments. :) Hope you all have a nice evening. :D *HUGS*
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