September 5th, 2005

Sydney is...

It's been a while since I've updated...

In light of everything that's been happening in Louisiana and Mississippi, my updates have seemed a little trivial. A girl that I'd met online on another site (and then later in person) is from Louisiana, and it wasn't until just yesterday that someone heard word that she's okay. Thank goodness! It's SO sad that she's lost everything, but at least she's safe. I'm just so sad that there are so many others who are not. :(

On a completely different note... my LA trip with Mark is just 4 days away. It's been SO long since we traveled together - in fact, it'll be our first trip together this year. So even though it's basically just overnight, we're really looking forward to it. :)

Thankfully the in-laws will be home next weekend and can babysit our fuzzy dog for us. We've had to board Sydney a couple of times before and I've always hated it... it always felt like we were abandoning her. :( At least at my in-laws we know that she'll be happy (and VERY spoiled) :)

In some happy theatre news, I got an email the other day from Bets who has been cast as Hildy in "On The Town" with Reprise! :) The sad news to all of this, however is that I won't be able to see her in it. :( I think there must've been a last minute cast change because when the cast was announced in a press release that went out last week, someone named Alanna Ubach was supposed to play the role of Hildy.

Finally, I think I've fallen in love with a packet of rice seasoning from Japan... Mark's aunt & uncle brought some back with them when they came back from their trip this summer and my mother in law put it in the rice that we had when we went over today... It was THE best thing I've ever eaten! I asked Mark if he could look for it when he's in Japan next month. Poor Mark is going to need a list soon to remember all the things I'm asking him to look for. ;)

Hope you all have a nice evening. *HUGS* to everyone and special ones to expressiomaniac, karmastyx, and lindasings - seems like a lot of my friends are going through hard times right now. :(
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