September 14th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Is it Friday yet? :P

Work has been SO bad lately... And by bad I mean that the entire day I just constantly feel like I'm being pulled in SO many directions (my phone rings endlessly, trades are all on the wrong forms, and there are just so many problems that need fixing). :P We're right in the midst of conversion and it's absolute chaos in our office! It's so bad that each night when I get home I'm just too exhausted to do anything. :P The only bright spot in all of our days has been the lunches that we've had to order - since no one can leave the office. Oh well, so much for not stress-eating. :P

In MUCH happier news, this weekend, Mark & I are planning to go out to dinner with Susan and Fredrick! :) It's been so long since I've seen them and I really miss talking with Susan. :( We're both always so busy that it's rare when we're able to spend some time together. And though I enjoy it when the four of us get together, I do miss our girls' night out - just because we can talk about things (like our men) more openly... I really should start scheduling our monthly dinner nights again - I miss Susan a lot! :(

Spent the better half of the evening listening to Kevin's CD. :) The cover, BTW is my new icon. :) Justin did the artwork on the cover and it's just incredible!

Little happy things about Kevin's CD that I love:
  • When he calls out his band members names for solos in "It Don't Mean A Thing" - just the way he growls out "Michael!" - it's just too cute!

  • His little "du-wah, du-wah, du-wahs" - Haha! :D

  • Those little belty notes he hits in "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." *SIGH*

  • The ending of "Fly Me to the Moon." *DOUBLE SIGH* :)
Speaking of the Earley's - I'm so excited that Julie Ann's show "Commander In Chief" will be premiering on ABC on the 27th! If any of you aren't doing anything that night, please tune in to see her. I can't wait! :D

Before I head off to bed, I was tagged by vsprtn :D. List 20 random facts about yourself then tag as many people as it takes minutes to write them down.

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And I'm supposed to tag people based on how long it took me to do this... But I won't because I stopped in here to take a shower, play with the dog, etc... It's taken me such a long time to finish this that I'd have to tag everyone on my friends' list...

Hope you all have a nice evening. I'm off to crawl into bed and get ready for another "fun filled" day tomorrow. :P
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