September 16th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

My morning will give you an indication of how my entire week was. :P

One of the first things I did this morning was accidentally drop my favorite glass cereal bowl. :( It shattered on our kitchen floor causing me to scramble around picking up hundreds of little pieces of glass. :P Sydney came around to try to see what I was doing and I was afraid she'd step on a piece. :P I spent the next 15 to 20 minutes shooing her away and cleaning up the mess (which contributed to my tardiness at work) and then I spent the rest of the day worrying that I missed one and that poor Sydney would accidentally step on it. :( Remember my incessant worrying from my "20 Things" post below? :P

Thankfully when we came home this evening Sydney was fine and didn't even look like she remembered the incident from this morning. :)

Speaking of the fuzzy dog, my in-laws have ordered a set of puppy stairs for her since we've found lately that she's been having trouble jumping up on our bed at night. We've been noticing other signs too that she's been slowing down recently... :( She used to be pretty tenacious and would constantly bring her toys to us so we'd play with her. If we didn't play with her, she'd keep bringing different toys, until all her toys were around us (I've gotten up from several naps on the floor surprised to be surrounded by all her toys!) :) Lately, I've noticed that she'll bring a toy to us and if we don't play with her, she'll give up and simply lie down next to us. My poor dog is starting to show her age! :(

In fact, she'll be turning eight years old in exactly a week. It's so odd to think of her as being old since it seemed like she was just a puppy yesterday. :(

In non-Sydney news, I've been enjoying Reprise's new Backstage Blog... I wish they had this feature on their site during "1776," or even "Applause". There's a very cute photo of Bets and Tami with the cast of "On The Town" that I love, though. :)

And thankfully it's the weekend. :) This had to be one of the longest weeks I've ever had at work! Mark & I are going to take it easy for the next few days - catch up on some missed sleep from last weekend's trip to LA and just recharge our batteries. Hopefully then I'll be ready to go back to work on Monday and start the madness all over again. :P

I'm off to get to get some sleep. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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