September 21st, 2005

Mark & Sheri 1999

Lots of excitement since my last entry...

Right after I finished my last entry (the rant below which I've decided to make private) Mark came hobbling upstairs to tell me that he was stung by a centipede as he was taking out the trash! :0 I looked at his foot and it was completely red and swollen and he was definitely in some serious pain! :( I spent the next 15 minutes or so arguing with him - trying to get him to the emergency room, but he was doing the "Japanese" thing - the not wanting to cause a commotion because it was embarrassing and he refused to go...

Finally at midnight I told him that I was taking him to the emergency room whether he liked it or not. Luckily, we live about 5 minutes away from the hospital, so I drove him there (listening to him complain about going the entire way there - thankfully the ride was pretty short)

When we arrived, there was an empty waiting room, with only one other person there. I picked up the red phone on the wall that was labeled "Doctor line" and told the person who picked it up, that I was bringing in my husband, who was stung by a centipede. Within minutes someone opened the door and called out, "Centipede sting?" Mark raised his hand. "Come this way," she said and he hobbled into the examining area.

As I sat in the waiting area, the other man who was there was sitting next to the automatic doors to the waiting room. He was eating a bag of chips and whenever he'd put a chip in his mouth, he'd set off the sensor on the door and the automatic doors would open. It was amusing for a little while and then I wondered how he didn't realize that he was the one opening the door. Each time the door opened, he'd look at it as if to wonder if someone was coming in...

The doctor gave Mark a tetnus shot, and a prescription for vicodin as well as a "spiffy ice pack" (Mark's description). I think he'll be staying home from work tomorrow since the doctor told him that the pain usually lasts for about three days and that the vicodin would probably make him a bit loopy. Other than that, he's fine. He ended up being pretty happy that I forced him to go - but it might just be because his pain medication was kicking in. ;)

I'm off to get some rest, it's been a pretty eventful day.
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