September 27th, 2005

Bets Malone

I love my bank!! I love LA theatre!! (And other WONDERFUL things...)

This morning I was shocked to receive a call from a girl in our BankCard department. At first I thought I'd forgotten to make a payment, but apparently she called to let me know that someone stole my credit card number! :0 I was pretty speechless, but when I was finally able to speak, I asked her if any fraudulent charges were charged to my account. After going over all my recent charges (and very embarrassingly admitting to the extremely LARGE CompUSA purchase last weekend) :P we determined that the account was fine! She said that one of the vendors where I used my card recently had their database hacked... They received a list of all the account numbers that were affected by this and were pro-actively calling customers to let them know that a stop would be placed on their old cards and new ones would be issued... I love my bank!! :D YAY for pro-active customer service!!

In other WONDERFUL news - Bets Malone was nominated for an Ovation Award this afternoon for her portrayal of Miss Adelaide in "Guys & Dolls!!!!" OH MY GOSH, I was SO happy and excited when I read about it that I quickly went to email a congratulatory note to her. :) When I got there, I found the sweetest email from her (along with some wonderful photos of "On The Town") telling me that she'd love for my site to become official!!! :D I'm just SO happy and excited right now, you just would not believe it!!

And continuing on with the wonderful news, Nick was also nominated for an Ovation Award for his direction of "Guys & Dolls!" I'm so happy for all of them (the nominations were extremely well deserved and it couldn't have happened to two nicer people!!) :D

I'm off to prepare some dinner so that I can watch Julie Ann tonight in "Commander In Chief!" I'll be back later to catch up on all of your journals, I promise! Big *HUGS* to you all!! :D :D
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