September 28th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Mark leaves for Japan in just a week. :(

I can't believe he's leaving so soon - it feels as though they've been planning this trip for such a long time! Sadly, the conversion at work and our annual OSJ audit is keeping me from going with them. :( Mark has promised, however, to have a bunch of fun for me, try all kinds of exotic foods, and take a lot of fun pictures while he's away so I'm very excited for him. :) I think I'll just really miss him when he's gone, though! :(

Speaking of traveling, my business trip in November is shaping up a little and now my only obstacle is getting an approval of the department head on my travel request. Please think good thoughts for me that he'll approve it tomorrow. :) Aside from the great work related things about the trip, I just discovered that the convention hotel is within walking distance to the Orpheum Theatre (where "White Christmas" is playing!) :) I'd planned to see it on the Wednesday night that I was there, but maybe I'll have to take in a second showing since it's so close by! I also found a Mel's Drive In across the street from the hotel - so I'll be in food heaven on the trip (though I'll probably be about 400 pounds when I get home...) :P And this probably has been asked a bunch of times on MBs, but does anyone know if there's a discounted ticket site for shows in San Francisco (like Goldstar in LA?)

In more theatre news, tomorrow night Mark & I are seeing "The Full Monty" at Diamond Head Theatre. :) I know that I'm always complaining about Hawaii having no substantial theatre, so this year Mark & I decided to put our money where our mouth is and become subscribers. We've seen a couple of shows at Diamond Head in the past ("Follies" and "Jesus Christ Superstar") and we've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shows there. We're really looking forward to the season. :D

And I'm sorry to spend a portion of my entry on this, but I have to mention "Commander In Chief" last night. It was... so-so. I was pretty disappointed to see Julie's name appear as a "Guest star..." - but Kevin prepared me for it when I saw him at "Guys & Dolls." What I wasn't prepared for was the ten or so seconds that Julie was actually on my TV screen last night. :( Thankfully, according to the previews for next week, it looks like Julie's part will definitely be increasing.

The show itself was okay. I like Rod Lurie's shows, but he has the tendency to use SO many supporting characters that we don't get the chance to know any of them too well. I LOVED "Line of Fire", but the character development of the numerous leads seemed to be a little stunted - and oddly enough, one of the most developed characters in "Line of Fire" was Julie's character - Jennifer Sampson - and it's not because I'm biased at all. :) Rod Lurie also loves to re-use his actors. It was amusing to see various "Line of Fire" folks in the show last night like Kristin Shaw, Leslie Hope, and of course, Julie. It's only the first episode so I don't want to make any sweeping statements one way or other about it - I guess I just have to see how it unfolds. Did anyone else see the show last night?

I'm off to work on my sites a bit more before I collapse. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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