September 29th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Yay for local theatre, new credit cards, and Sicilian pizza! :D

Mark & I just got home from Diamond Head Theatre's production of "The Full Monty." I have to admit having my reservations about local productions at times, but this show was spectacular. From the acting, to the staging, to the choreography, it was as good as some of the professional productions I've seen in LA. :)

I'd never seen the show before so I was surprised at the warmth and humor of the script, the development of the main characters, and by the end I couldn't help rooting for the six main leads. Matthew Pennaz, who some many remember I just adored as Jesus when I saw him in "Jesus Christ Superstar" at Diamond Head Theatre last year, played Jerry - the out of work father who only wanted to gain the respect of his son. Matthew had a gorgeous voice in Superstar - and far outshined the other actors vocally, however, the material he was given in "Full Monty" seemed to be less suited to his voice and it wasn't until he sang the ballady "Breeze Off The River" that I was able to hear his glorious voice again. The entire cast was pretty strong (and really didn't have the feel of a community theatre production at all...) but some of the stand outs were Malcolm Rolsal as Noah ("Horse") and R. Andrew Doan as Dave. The girl who played Georgie (Vanessa Manuel-Mazzullo) was very talented, however at the very beginning of the show she was already hoarse and starting to lose her voice and I was afraid that it'd only get worse as the show went on. Thankfully she made it through the show just fine, but I had the feeling her voice would've been so much nicer had she not been on the verge of losing it. :(

We were very glad we went to see the show. I've always felt a little bad that I've never really supported local theatre and I'm glad that Mark and I are opening ourselves up to more local productions this year. If all the productions are like this one - I may not need to travel so much and could just stay home to see great theatre! :D

On a completely different, but still wonderful note - I finally got my new replacement credit card in the mail! :) I know I'd only been without it for a couple of days, but it just seemed so long! :P Last night I tried to make my hotel reservations for my trip in November and got all the way to the payment information when I realized that I didn't have a credit card! :P Sad as it may seem, I just felt so lost without it! :P

And before I end this, I have to mention that the Sicilian pizza from CPK is one of the most wonderful things! Mark & I had a terribly high calorie and high fat, but oh-so-tasty dinner at California Pizza Kitchen before the show today and I'm still in Sicilian Pizza heaven. :D

I'm off to check email and try to get some sleep. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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