October 1st, 2005

Bets - as Hildy in On The Town

Obviously all the stress at work has been getting to me... ;)

It was the oddest thing - the entire day I couldn't figure out which day it was. :P I got up this morning in a panic because I thought I was late for work... :P Luckily I realized it was Saturday before I did something stupid like jump in the shower at 7am! :P To make matters worse, when I woke up from an unintentional nap this afternoon (darn my laptop for being located on my bed...) I could've sworn it was Sunday - I even emailed Bets a "Hope your closing night was great." :P I wish all the conversion stress at work would end since it really has turned me into a basket case at home. :P

Spent the majority of the morning working on Bets' site and tweaking it for the new official domain. I was able to finish it all this morning (and put up the wonderful backstage photos she sent me of "On The Town") and transfer everything to BetsMalone.Com. :) And not to get overly sentimental or anything... but lately, I've been realizing just how lucky I am. I love working on websites to begin with, but to be able to do something I love for people I really admire has really been a dream come true for me. :)

In great trip news, the department head approved my business trip for November (YAY!) so I've been making tentative plans in and around the LA area for before and after the conference. :) I was able to get a hotel room in the Glendale area through Priceline for only $46 a night! :) (It's at an Extended Stay America chain - which isn't the best, but not bad at all for the price!) I'm also looking at shows in the area and I know I'm definitely seeing Julie Dixon Jackson in "The Wild Party" on the 12th, "Drowsy Chaperone" sometime that weekend, "Open Window" at the Pasadena Playhouse, and I definitely have to see Kristi Holden in "Bark!". I haven't committed to any ticket purchases yet, because I want to see what appears on Goldstar first (yes, this is going to be my theatre trip on a very tiny budget!) I also want to make sure that Kristi is in the night I see "Bark!" so I haven't committed myself to a date yet...

In other trip news, Mark leaves for Japan in just three days. :) He's very excited about the trip, but I suspect he'll begin to have his usual travel stress (and will start to stare into his suitcase and mumble to himself) around Monday or Tuesday night. ;) I also got an email from Susan yesterday asking if I wanted to go out to dinner when Mark was gone. Gotta love her, she knows that even though I'd never admit it, I'll be lonely the two weeks that he'll be gone. :(

And Sydney is such an eternal optimist! She sat so patiently in front of me today as I ate through a big bag of baked Ruffles - she was so full of hope that I'd actually give her one. I've never given her one before, and yet she still sat there looking so hopeful that this time would be different. Or maybe she was just waiting for me to drop a crumb... either way, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. :)

Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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