October 4th, 2005

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As expected, Mark has just gotten through his ritual of mumbling the contents of his suitcase to himself and is probably doing the "staring into space" thing downstairs right now. ;) He leaves for Japan tomorrow morning and he's VERY excited about the trip and all the eating he's going to do there! :D I just made him promise to have a great time and take A LOT of photos. Since we could probably never afford a trip like this on our own, it might be a LONG time before we'd be able to make it back there.

Tomorrow night I'm going out to dinner with Susan. She emailed me the other day to say that we should go out since Mark was going to be away - it was so thoughtful of her. :) We've decided to go to a great sushi place near my office and spend our time eating a ton of calories and talking about our men. :D It should be a fun evening. :D

And of course it wouldn't be Tuesday (or my journal) if I didn't gush just a little bit about Julie in "Commander In Chief" tonight. Yay for Julie getting a little larger role this episode - which was actually large enough to earn her one of those "Lurie-esque name labels." :) She looked stunning, as always - but the very first thing I noticed was - no southern accent! I think this is only the second time I've seen her in a performance where she didn't use her southern accent at all (the first was "Taken"). I remember being really surprised when I first met her that she didn't have an accent at all (Kevin says it only returns when she's calling home - or when she's really upset.)

This episode was a huge improvement over the pilot - and actually had a glimmer of something that I'd be interested in seeing again. And sad as it may be - the more I think about it, the more I realize that by Julie playing the secret service agent, it would be very hard for her to be put into a position where her character would be allowed to grow. :( I'm hopeful that as the series goes on there will be much more of a possibility for character development (especially since she seems to be sort of a mother figure and a confidant to Rebecca), and I hope the writers decide to explore that more. Anyone else see tonight's episode?

I'd better run so I can spend a little more time with Mark since he'll be gone for the next two weeks. :( Hope you all have a nice evening.
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