October 9th, 2005


What a wonderful evening - everyone should see "In Her Shoes..."

Just spent a lovely evening with my Mom - we took in a late afternoon movie ("In Her Shoes" - which I think everyone should go and see) and then we ate an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday. My Mom had never been there before and she really enjoyed the food (especially the great salad bar.) :) We had so much fun that she made me promise that we'll continue our nights out every once in a while, even after Mark comes home. :)

"In Her Shoes" was SUCH a great movie. It was warm, touching, funny - I just can't say enough about it. On the onset, it appeared to be a superficial chick flick, but somewhere (although it kind of snuck up on me so I really don't know exactly where) in the first hour of the movie, you begin to realize the depth of the story and you get SO attached to the characters and by the end we were ALL seriously crying our eyes out. And if the terrific writing and great acting weren't enough, a HUGE superficial side benefit was getting to see Anson Mount (from last year's "Line of Fire" with Julie) in a cameo at the beginning of the movie. Woo hoo! :) But really, all superficial-ness aside, it was a great movie and I highly recommend it. :)

In other news, I've been spending most of the weekend clearing up some of the clutter in our extra bedrooms. I find that it's much easier to clean and throw things out when Mark's not home (he's the one who keeps boxes for TVs and computers that we don't even OWN anymore in our spare room "just in case.") :P Whenever he's away, out come the trash bags! My only limiting factor each trip is the amount of trash pick up days before he gets home. Sometimes cleaning makes the day go by faster too - and it takes my mind off of the fact that he's not here.

Got another email from Susan today asking if I wanted to go out for dinner again next week. :) AND I got the sweetest, most hysterical e-card from lindasings which really brightened my morning! Thanks SO much, Linda!! :) They knew that I'd probably be feeling down this weekend with Mark away and they were sweet enough to want to brighten my day. I just have the best friends!! :)

And I keep forgetting to mention this, but one of my co-workers just came back this past week from a trip to Germany. She brought back a lot of things with her, but the best were these Gummy bear-like candies from a store in Germany. They were creamy in taste, soft in texture, and had a liquid fruit filling in the middle. They were the most delicious thing I've ever eaten - and I'm completely addicted to them! sabine10, have you heard of these?

Well, I'm off to work on my sites a bit and keep the fuzzy dog company. Hope you're all having a nice evening!
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