October 10th, 2005

Bets - in Honky Tonk Laundry

A few wonderful things to end my day. :D

Yay for surprise phone calls from the hubby in Japan!! :D Mark called me this evening from his hotel and apparently he's having a great time :) He says the food has gotten more exciting (since his last email to me) and he's been trying some really exotic things like squid's ink ice cream (blech!) and a variety of raw things which he has NO IDEA half the time what they are. :P He said that he knows that I'd be unhappy with some of their meals there since he knows I can't stomach raw food (I'm such a poor excuse for a Japanese person!) ;) - it's kind of a good thing it's him on this trip and not me! ;)

He also told me that whenever they go someplace interesting, he thinks, "Sheri would like this place" and then he'd get sad that I'm not there. Awwwwww, how sweet is that? It was just SO nice to hear from him!! :D He said he'd try to call a little later in the week - but I know that it's hard for him to find a phone to call from and the time difference is a little odd - so I'm not expecting it. We're actually 20 hours behind Japan, so they're basically 4 hours behind us, but one day ahead... (if that makes any sense at all!) :P I really do miss the hubby, though - is it the 17th yet?? :P

In wonderful website news, Bets emailed some backstage photos of a production of "Babes In Arms" she did a few years ago with Joey McIntyre and Jodi Benson. It was so sweet of her to send them over! It's such a shame that she and Kevin don't have anything lined up in LA for November (that I know of...) since I'd love to see them both in shows on my next trip. :(

Aside from the wonderful things that ended my day - the day itself was pretty mundane. I usually love days off and long weekends, but this time, all I did was clean up around the house and OD on Bravo's "West Wing" marathon. I actually almost welcome going back to work tomorrow, because I've been SUCH a hermit this weekend and have barely left the house... :P

I'm off to get some sleep since the fuzzy dog is already snoring next to me. :) Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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