October 17th, 2005

Mark & Sheri 1999

Just spent two of the nicest hours...

...getting to see the Japan picture slide show of Mark's. :) Which, of course could only mean one thing - The hubby's home! :D And he had a wonderful trip! He took close to 350 pictures and each of them had a fascinating (and most times hilarious) story that accompanied it. :) I'm so glad that he had such a nice time, but I have to say, that I'm also VERY glad that he's home! :)

And shocked didn't even begin to describe what I was feeling when I got home and saw our dining room table FILLED with things that he'd bought! What was even more surprising was when he said they were all for me! I couldn't believe it! Then I felt REALLY bad... All I'd asked him to look for was arare, pink mini discs, and that yummy rice seasoning from my in laws house... But OH MY GOSH... He got me the CUTEST stuffed Sheltie puppy (looks JUST like Sydney did when she was almost a year old!!), a Sheltie "The Dog" calendar, arare that you can heat up in the microwave (YUM!), corn from Hokkaido, cute Sheltie charms for my cell phone, pink mini-discs (YAY!), and SO many other things! I was shocked (and of course I felt really bad...) I told him that he didn't need to get me all those things, but he kept saying that everywhere he went, he saw things that he knew I'd love, so he got them. How sweet is he?

It was also really fun getting to see (via the photos) all the wonderful things he's been eating the past two weeks. :) And I don't know if I'd be as brave as Mark, but he jumped on the scale as soon as he came home and was shocked to see that he'd gained 10 pounds during the course of the trip! (I told him that they were happy once-in-a-lifetime pounds though) :) He and I are taking a week to eat all the wonderful things he brought back and then we'll start our healthy eating plan again. :)

On a completely different, but very wonderful LA theatre note, I just found out yesterday that Kevin will be performing in a benefit concert for the Actor's Fund of America at Cal State LA on November 12th! Yay for randomly being in town during that exact weekend! :) The tickets are a bit pricey, but I'm fine with balconey seats since I never expected to see Kevin that weekend anyway - this is just bonus!! :D Now if only I could get some good news from Bets - life would be perfect! :)

Before I leave, I wanted to wish some VERY special people a VERY Happy Birthday!!
  • To defygravity73, whose birthday was today. Andrea, I hope it was a great one!! :D Big *HUGS* to you!
  • To queenstacey: You've always been the one to be there for others and put a smile on their faces, I hope your birthday tomorrow is as special as you are!! :) Big *HUGS*!
  • To nervousbride: Happy Birthday, Rachel!! Hope you have the BEST day!! :)
  • To miss_broadway: Happy Birthday, Jodi!!! Big *HUGS* to you! I hope you have a fabulous day!! :)
I think November 18th is the most popular day for birthdays of my friends here on LJ! :D

I'm off to grab a shower, hope you all have a wonderful evening! :)
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