November 13th, 2005

Julie / Kevin - photo by Sheri 2

I miss my hubby and fuzzy dog! :(

I know I've only been in LA for three days, but already the trip is feeling rather long... :( When I spoke with Mark last night on the phone, he told me that the night I left, Sydney went wandering around the house looking for me. :( I miss them! I always love traveling, but the worst part is always being away from my wonderful family. :(

The Harold Arlen Concert

On a much happier note, the Harold Arlen concert last night was terrific! :) They had a silent auction in the lobby of the theatre and auctioned everything from signed posters of Avenue Q, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Spamalot to gift baskets filled with broadway dvds. :) I debated bidding on a couple of items, but all the posters were framed, and I realized it would be very hard to transport home. :P

As I was sitting in my seat, before the show started, I happened to notice two young women walk down the aisle, looking for their seats. It was Julie Ann! She was sitting about three rows down from me and off to the side. I immediately went up to say HI to her and she was her usual warm & wonderful self. :) She introduced me to her friend who she was with for the evening and we talked about the shows in the area. She told me that I should see The Wild Party (which I told her I was seeing on the 19th) and we talked for a bit about The Drowsy Chaperone and Sutton. :) I was REALLY happy to see her - she's just the sweetest person!

When I went back to my seat, I got into a conversation with the man behind me. He was very nice and he chatted about the concert and how he comes every year. Then, to my shock, he said, "You know who you should really look out for? Kevin Earley - I was here last time and he was phenomenal!" :O No prompting from me whatsoever, I swear!! :) We got to talking and I found out that he's been to my site before and he's a big Kevin fan! :) He was so nice to talk to! :)

THEN, at intermission, I happened to run into Sharon, from the Talkin' Broadway message board. She was sitting right across from me and we spent some time at intermission talking about the show and the performers. :) For a concert that I wasn't sure I wanted to go to, I sure did see / meet a lot of people.

Kevin was fantastic, as always. His number "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home," was deep in the second act and I could tell he was giving the song his all. He got a rousing ovation and I just knew Julie and her friend were laughing because they could hear me cheering. ;) His song alone was worth the price of admission.

There were other numbers that I adored in the show as well. Alice Ripley had a cute rendition of "Push De Button" complete with a wonderful set of dancers (Brandon Alameda and Ray Garcia were two that I recognized!) :), Billy Porter was pretty amazing in his rendition of "The Dissertation on the State of Bliss", David Engel did a wonderful duet with Judy Garland (on a video screen above him) to "Get Happy," and finally Kevin Odekirk sang a beautiful rendition of "Right as the Rain" (so beautiful, in fact, that it had people checking their playbills when he was done to see who he was.) :)

Oops! Edited to add: I think that alligatorandme and bigrivermusical might appreciate this, but the entire show was being signed onstage by Jon Maher. He also did the last number "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" completely in ASL... It was beautiful!

After the Show...

When the show was done, I walked out with Sharon and spoke with her for a bit more. I wanted to wait around a bit to say BYE to Julie and to tell her to tell Kevin that he was wonderful, but sadly, she never came out. :( All the performers were in the back, starting a private reception for the VIP ticketholders (which I couldn't attend - I'm not rich enough to pay $250 a ticket!)

I assumed Kevin was backstage with everyone, so Sharon and I made our way to the parking lot... When all of a sudden, who should come bounding around the corner? It was Kevin! He came from around the building and he exclaimed, "HEY!" and gave me a huge hug when he saw me. I was still in shock as I introduced him to Sharon. I was SO not expecting to see him at all! We spoke about his CD (it's on iTunes now!) :) and his upcoming plans (which I can't mention yet, I just know I need to plan another theatre trip when I go home!) ;)

It was just SUCH a lovely evening!! From the wonderful concert, to seeing everyone there (especially Kevin!) :)I'm SO glad that I decided to go!! :D Today I'm taking it easy for a bit until my Ovation Award orientation this afternoon, then I'm off to the Colony to see The Grand Tour again. :) Hope you're all having a nice Sunday! *HUGS*
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