November 14th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Cute fuzzy dogs, Ovation Volunteer Orientation, The Grand Tour (Again!)

I miss my fuzzy dog SO much! Yesterday I spent most of the morning awwwww-ing over all the cute puppies in the pet store at the Glendale Galleria. They were all so cute, but they made me miss Sydney all the more. :( There was a cute white pomeranian puppy that was so adorable, I wanted to take her home! I asked the sales clerk if I could take pictures of her if I didn't use my flash and she said it was fine. How could anyone resist a face like this?

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Yesterday I also went to my Ovation Volunteer Orientation... apparently I'm going to be a "Presenter Escort." I have to escort John McDaniel around all evening, making sure that he leaves the pre-party on time, escort him to the red carpet so he can be photographed, and make sure that he knows when to go backstage to present his award. Sounds easy enough, right? My only question is... who is John McDaniel? I guess I'll be finding out tonight. :) And I have to say, the Orpheum Theatre in SF is not the only Orpheum Theatre in a bad neighborhood... I was pretty frightened when I saw where the one in LA was located. :P My plan is to go really early (I almost spelled it with the extra "E" again!) :P and get some parking close by.

The whole day I was debating whether or not to see The Grand Tour again. I had a ticket to see it, but I've been so tired and I really haven't had the opportunity to have any real kind of downtime recently. But, I went and I enjoyed it (possibly more the second time.) One of the nicest things that happened was that I got seated randomly next to two women who were talking loudly about wishing they had seen the talkback on Friday. I told them that I was there and that Jerry Herman was in the audience that night. That sparked a conversation and then one of the ladies asked me, "Was that you talking to Kevin Earley last night after the LA Stage concert?" I was completely in shock! Apparently they're HUGE fans of Kevin and were in the audience at the Harold Arlen concert. Even funnier was that at intermission, they wanted to introduce me to their friends and one of the women asked, "Are you Sheri Fujimoto?" Oh.My.Gosh! I apparently send her Kevin update emails all the time! It was so nice to meet all of them!! :D They'll even be at the Ovation Awards tomorrow, too. :)

The show was great the second time, but I felt really bad for the poor actors last night - it was SUCH a TERRIBLE prop night for them!! It started when Jason Graae, spilled the fruit as he was setting the picnic for Tami's character and when he lunged for it, the eggs all rolled away. :( His yellow hankie turning into a cane didn't work :(, and the last balloon that he shoots in the circus act didn't pop - he actually had to run up to it and kick it. :( Other than that strong performances, especially from Tami (who I thought was much stronger last night). I'm really glad I ended up going! :)

I actually wrote this post yesterday, but due to a faulty wireless entry point at my hotel, I wasn't able to get online to post this until now. :( I'm incredibly sorry if I haven't been able to catch up with all of you today - I have the Ovation Awards tonight so I'll be rushing around all day in preparation! I hope to be able to catch up with you all tomorrow morning before I rush out to catch my flight to SF. Have a nice week, everyone! :)
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My frantic search for a dress to wear to tonight's awards...

I HATE dressing up... Even worse is looking for a dress that will fit me and not drag on the floor (because I'm so short), not make me look like I have football player shoulders (which I do, but I try to hide it well...) ;), and will be something that I could actually afford. :P

Well, I came to LA with a dress I'd picked up back in Hawaii. It fit all three of these categories, but one thing was wrong with it... It was much too casual to wear to the Ovations. :( So this morning I rushed out to the Glendale Galleria and tried on every black dress I could find. They were all either too long, didn't fit right, or I could never afford... :( Then, at my last stop, I finally found something that seemed promising. It fit alright, wasn't too long, (still gave me football player shoulders, but ah! what can I do?) ;) But the main thing that surprised me was that it was finally a dress that I could afford! :)

So, I got it... Hopefully I'll have the courage to wear it tonight, because I can't return it. ;) For those interested in seeing what it looks like, I took a picture of it... The hanging nature of it really doesn't do it justice, it's really a nice dress. :)

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I'm off to take a shower, relax, then squeeze into my dress for tonight. ;) Hope you all have a nice evening! :D
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