November 17th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

I can't live in the city! And "White Christmas"... :)

Last night I had my very first lesson in hailing a cab in the city. :( I'm SO not a city person and that much was pretty evident last night. I went to the Orpheum Theatre on 8th Street and had to go less than a mile (only 3 blocks or so) to get back to my hotel, but everyone made me promise NOT to walk there by myself (including my boss). So I opted for a cab... What an experience! :( Thankfully I was finally able to get one (after a long time of trying) and I was able to make it back to the hotel. :) The cab ride was really so short that it literally would've been faster for me to have walked... but to keep Mark's sanity, I promised him I'd take a cab...

Speaking of the Orpheum, I went to see "White Christmas" last night. It was one of those big, old fashioned, grand scale musicals with gorgeous sets and nice costumes. :) It was a cute show and I enjoyed it, except that I had the misfortune of being seated next to several theatre patrons from hell. :( The three middle aged ladies next to me insisted on talking (VERY loudly) through the entire show (I don't mind talking before the show starts, even obnoxious talking, but once the show starts I expect people to stop!) They were having full-fledged conversations in the middle of the show! :[ If that wasn't enough, one of the ladies started singing "Sisters" in the first act. :[ I had bad flashbacks to that Saturday I went to the matinee of "Carousel" at Cabrillo Theatre... :( My patience was running really thin by the end of the show and when it ended and they just took FOREVER to get out of their seats for no reason other than they were still talking and not paying attention to the fact that everyone was waiting for them, I thought I'd scream. :[ I think it's wonderful when people are enthusiastic about the theatre, but please... have some consideration for the rest of us!! :[

On a completely non-theatre note, the conferences went pretty well yesterday. I saw the two people I knew from our home office (one was the auditor who came to audit our office last week.) It was pretty surreal to sit in the meetings, having just come from being surrounded by theatre people - to sitting in a room full of compliance men in suits. :P VERY different end of the spectrum! I did meet two very nice ladies who were more interested in cutting out of the afternoon sessions to go shopping. :) They told me I should go shopping too, but I felt guilty -- almost like I was cutting class, and I ended up going to all the sessions.

The one thing I'd forgotten about these conferences was all the eating!! It seems a little odd, but that's all we seem to do - sit and eat! They fed us breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two HUGE breaks in between the sessions. This time they had trail mix packs & power bars after the first session and :) HUGE warm pretzels, bowls filled with HUGE Butterfingers, HUGE bottles of Arizona Iced Tea, and oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies after the next session. Oh my gosh, this conference has been incredibly bad for my diet - I'm going to be 500 pounds by the time I come home! :( *SIGH*

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I'm just SO exhausted! I have tickets tonight to see "Prelude to a Kiss" at the SF Playhouse, but I may opt to skip it and just get some sleep before my flight back to Burbank early tomorrow morning.... we'll see. If it involves hailing another cab, chances are good that I won't be up for it. ;P Hope you all have a nice day. :)
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Kevin as Bill in Applause

Shopping bliss... :D

And so the conference continues. The best part of today was taking a "carryout" version of the lunch they provided (salmon and caesar salad - YUM!) and heading over to the San Francisco Shopping Center for a quick little shopping trip during lunch. :) The mall was HUGE!! So huge in fact, the first three floors (or so!) were all shops (like Victoria's Secret, etc.) and all the floors above it were Nordstrom! I was in shopping heaven!!

I bought some shoes from Nordstrom, then walked over to the Virgin Megastore on Market Street where I bought; "Applause" (the original cast recording), "Brownstone - The Musical," "Anything Goes" (it's a unique recording I've never seen before with Gregg Edelman, Louise Gold, etc. - I had to get it), and "Sail Away" (the original London cast recording with Elaine Stritch). I know that in the case of both "Applause" and "Sail Away" I'll be VERY disappointed at the men singing the roles of Bill Sampson and Johnny Van Meir (*SIGH*) but, I was curious to hear the original recordings of both shows. :)

Spent some time this evening at a reception with the two men from my home office. They were pretty amusing outside of the office and one (who I normally don't get along with much at work, I was able to laugh and have a great time talking to...) I think that's one of the nicest things about these conferences, getting to know these people outside of work. I really enjoyed my time with them. :)

On a Kevin note, found some pictures of him from the Harold Arlen concert on BWW.Com. I didn't know it but John McDaniel was the musical director for the concert that night. :) Small world! :) And I've been looking everywhere, but NO photos of the Ovations anywhere on any of the wire sites. :[ There were SO many photographers (and press) there that night! Where the heck were they all from? And the Ovations were being filmed for Showtime... I haven't heard anything about it airing. :P

Tomorrow I fly back to Burbank and tomorrow night I'm meeting lindasings for dinner and then "Open Window" at Pasadena Playhouse. It'll be SO nice to see her since I missed seeing her at the Ovations! It'll also be nice to be back in LA. I really like SF, but going back to LA is like going home. :) I may not have internet access after I leave tomorrow (I know my hotel in Burbank has NO wireless...) so if I'm not able get online after tomorrow, have a nice weekend everyone! :D
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