November 19th, 2005

Side Show

"Open Window" and a wonderful evening with lindasings

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for participating in my silly poll yesterday. :) The reason I did it was because I was SO surprised at the price of the breakfast too! I've eaten at SO many airports that when I looked at it, I was totally expecting to pay more than $5 for it and wanted to know what you all thought... Only one person got the correct answer (Yay queenstacey_25!) :) - I actually only paid $3.50 for it. When has ANYTHING to eat at the airport been less than $5? Doesn't surprise me at all, however, that the bottled water that I bought with it was $2.50. :P Thanks so much for everyone who indulged me and participated in the poll - I was really curious at hearing what you all thought. :)

Last night was WONDERFUL! :) The show itself ("Open Window") was a strong and powerful show. It tried to tie in the primal need for one to communicate with the need in all humans to connect on some level. The show was uniquely staged... with the deaf actors signing their lines and being interpreted by their hearing counterparts who stood off to the side (or above the sets in some cases.) It was a unique experience to see the hearing translators off to the side (instead of the other way around, which we're all more used to) and I really liked the change. The nicest part was at the end of the show, there was almost no applause that could be HEARD in the audience, everyone in the audience was giving the "sign" for applause to all the major leads. :)

The nicest part of the evening, however, was getting to spend time with lindasings! She and I met before the show for a wonderful dinner at Crocodile Cafe (the food there was excellent!!) :) There we caught up on everything and spoke about shows that we've seen (and have yet to see), theatre friends we have in common, and just about everything theatre related. I just had the best time! :) I already can't wait to see her in January. :)

Today is my "run around fininshing up my final errands" day. I need to stop at the post office to send myself a box of things that won't fit into my suitcase (darn all my shopping!) ;) and finish buying "omiyage" (or souvenirs) for my work people. I also need to pick up an anniversary gift for Mark (since our anniversary is the night I arrive home.) :D Hopefully I'll be able to get everything done... Then I'm going to see Kristi in "Bark!" at the Coast Playhouse and then tonight I'm seeing Julie Dixon Jackson in "The Wild Party" at The Blank Theatre - it should be a GREAT day of theatre. :)

I can't believe I'm finally going home when the weekend is over! It feels like I've been gone for so long. :( I really miss Mark & Sydney! :( I LOVE traveling, but the only thing I don't like is being away from the hubby and fuzzy dog! :(

Hope you all have a nice Saturday! I'm off the start my errands! :) *HUGS*
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