December 7th, 2005

Sydney Dog

Sydney is now extremely jealous...

...of the Nintendog on Mark's DS. :) Mark named his little Ninetendo Sheltie "Gracie" - which is Sydney's real (paper) name (well, it's really Graceannie... but we hate that!) Whenever Mark calls his little cyber Sheltie, Sydney gets upset and runs toward him. Whenever "Gracie" barks, Sydney starts to make little growling noises. Poor thing! If only there was some way we could let her know that no cyber dog could ever compare to her fuzziness! ;)

On a completely separate note, the goodies are starting to flow in at our work place. Tins of popcorn, cookies, chocolates, candies... Let the season's eating begin! :P Tomorrow one of our reps is treating us to a nice lunch in the back office from California Pizza Kitchen (YUM!). And if that wasn't enough, next week we'll be eating too much almost every day! :P On Tuesday, we're going to the bank wide Christmas party at Bishop Museum - and this year the food is being catered by Side Street Inn. :) On Wednesday, one of the wholesalers from one of the annuity companies is buying the back office Italian food for lunch from Assagios!! On Thursday, the branch that our office resides in is having their branch party and we're all invited - more eating!! And if that wasn't enough to make me gain 40 pounds, on Friday another rep is treating the back office to lunch. It's so nice of everyone to think of us during the holiday season, but OH MY!! the weight I'm going to gain!! :P I think I'm just going to start buying my clothes one size larger in anticipation. :P

In happy NYC trip news, I just purchased our tickets to see "Rabbit Hole!" in January! :D I have to admit that I'm much more of a musical person, but I do enjoy a straight play every once in while - especially one written by my favorite playwright (David Lindsay-Abaire)! I'm so excited about "Rabbit Hole!" :)

Hope you're all having a nice evening. I'm off to give the fuzzy dog some attention so she'll stop growling at "Gracie." ;) Big *HUGS*
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