December 11th, 2005


Nice brunch with the in-laws and my misfortune with tickets. :(

As if this coming week wasn't going to add about 40 pounds to my already "pre-diet" frame, this afternoon Mark & I met the in-laws for a nice brunch at the Plantation Cafe. The food was good and it was nice to see everyone, but one of the nicest things was getting the chance to talk with my mother-in-law. For those of you who don't know, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and has since gone through a lumpectomy and radiation and is virtually cancer-free today. At first, Mark & I agreed that we wouldn't tell her about my mammogram results (yes, I realize this is a public non-filtered post, but I've decided not to keep this a secret anymore...) because we didn't want to worry her needlessly... but Mark ended up telling her at brunch and just talking with her about her experiences with biopsy, treatment, etc. made me feel a little more at ease about the whole thing and now whatever happens, I'm sure I can deal with it.

In other non-health related news, I've been having the worst luck with ticket purchases recently! It's always a toss up for me when I'm planning my theatre trips whether I should wait for tickets to appear on Goldstar for half price or if I should buy the good seats when I see them available for full price... For "City of Angels" I've been looking at ticket availability for weeks now (sometimes better seats free up closer to the performances because of exchanges, etc. so I always check). The other day GREAT seats popped up - AA 2 & 4 (front row - I usually like to be a little further back, but still, prior to that the best seats were all the way in the back!) so I bought them for the Sunday evening performance. THE VERY NEXT DAY, I got an email from Goldstar announcing "City of Angel" tickets... not for any other performance, but for that very show on Sunday night! Gah! :(

As if that wasn't enough bad luck with tickets, on Thursday night, Mark & I had tickets to see "Aladdin" at Diamond Head Theatre as part of our season ticket subscription... but WE FORGOT TO GO! How could we do that? We've never been season ticket holders before and it strikes me as something pretty easy to do (forget to go, that is...) Wonder how many people forget to go to productions in LA that they have season tickets for? I fly there specifically to see shows, so if I have a ticket for a show in LA, chances are good that I won't forget to go! So, aside from feeling a little bummed and silly because we missed the show, it also taught us an important lesson - I'm buying a calendar for the kitchen that has our next ticket dates clearly marked so we don't miss the next one! ;P

Hope you're all having a nice evening... I apologize to those who didn't know about the whole mammogram thing before (though most of you already do), I didn't want to worry people unnecessarily when it could very well turn out to be nothing. Big *HUGS* to all of you.
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