December 17th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Gah! I did it... AGAIN! :P

This is the second year in row that I've unknowingly spoiled my own Christmas surprise. I clearly suck! ;) Last year, I wanted to buy an iPod several weeks before Christmas, only to be stopped by a panic-striken Mark who tried to make up every excuse under the sun for why I shouldn't... He had, of course, already gotten one for me for Christmas - and ended up having to tell me. Well,... it happened... AGAIN! :P

This morning we woke up a little earlier than usual because Mark wanted to head over to an electronics warehouse in town so that he could purchase a new digital camera for himself with the Christmas bonus he just received at work (it wasn't on sale, but he would get a 1 Gig memory stick pro with it, which made buying it there very worthwhile...) While we were there, I looked around at the ad and the items for sale... I saw what looked like the VERY same Sony video camera that I'd been wanting to buy for a long time! It was an AMAZING price!!

I showed the ad to Mark and asked him, "Isn't this the camera I've been looking at?" He looked at the ad and immediately said, "Nah! That's not it!" I was sure it was, though and the salesman who was helping Mark offered to show it to me... Of course, it was the very same video camera. I looked at Mark and he had a look of panic on his face... "Don't get it!" He said. He started trying to make up excuses for why I shouldn't get it, but for every reason he gave me, the salesman came back with more great things about it (and what an incredible price it was!) Finally, after much hemming and hawing he admitted that he'd already bought it as a combination Christmas/birthday present for me and told me that I sucked because it was the second year in a row that I unknowingly ruined my own surprise!

One thing definitely has to be said for the hubby, he certainly knows me well enough to buy me things I really want... So much so that I try to buy them BEFORE Christmas and he ends up having to stop me! ;)
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