December 26th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

A nice Christmas and happy theatre babble... :)

As Sydney mentioned in her previous post, we all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. :) Mark loved the iPod video that I got him and spent most of the day today purchasing episodes of his various favorite shows off of iTunes. :) I love the video camera that he got me this year!! I spent the entire day yesterday chasing the fuzzy dog around with it... :) The gift of choice from the parents this year seemed to be cash - since both sides knew that we have two impending trips in the month of January. But as nice as all the gifts were, probably the nicest thing about yesterday was really getting to spend time with our families. :)

Speaking of nice gifts, I got a lovely Christmas email from Kevin yesterday with one of the best gifts he could give me... A Los Angeles run of It Came From Beyond!! I'm SO excited about this because I was pretty upset that I couldn't make it all the way to NYC this past Fall to see it at the New York Musical Festival. :) His City of Angels schedule conflicts with this, so I'm waiting to hear back from him as to whether he'll opt out of two weeks of "Beyond" to play Jimmy Powers at Reprise! or if it'll be the other way around...

In other LA theatre news, I feel like SUCH an idiot! (But, what else is new?) ;) When I saw Bark! back in November, I noticed that the actress playing "Molly" looked REALLY familiar... I kept thinking I'd seen her in something, but when I looked at the program, I didn't recognize the name Katy Blake... Then today, I went to the Bark! website and I read her bio and it hit me! She's Kathryn Blake and I saw her play "Percy" in Spitfire Grill with Kevin back in 2002 at Laguna Playhouse! Misty was supposed to be in the show, but she got ill and at the last minute and they had to fly Kathryn in to do the remainder of the run (and I happened to go on her first weekend of performances). I even met her in the greenroom at Laguna... Darn, but my memory is getting REALLY bad - must be my old age. ;)

In happy NYC news, we've finally purchased all our show tickets. So our theatre schedule is now complete! :)

Thursday, Jan 12th - Light In the Piazza (We have incredible seats - I'm SO excited! Hopefully David will be on that day)
Friday, Jan 13th - Spelling Bee
Saturday, Jan 14th (matinee) - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Saturday, Jan 14th (eve) - Sweeney Todd
Sunday, Jan 15th (matinee) - Spamalot (Yay for Lauren Kennedy!!)
Sunday, Jan 15th (eve) - we were going to see Rabbit Hole, but then they cancelled the performance. :( So we ended up buying tickets to Rent. :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend! I'm off to finish my laundry and attempt (notice the uncertainty there...) to work out. :P Have a nice evening everyone! :)
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