January 3rd, 2006

Doug & Sheri

A pretty productive day. :)

I can't believe it, but I FINALLY made an appointment to get my hair done! :) If you've been reading my journal for a while you'll know that I absolutely HATE getting my hair done and it's almost like pulling teeth to get to me visit my hairdresser. The only time I'll endure it is if I have a big trip coming up (like NYC in a week) or I get SO disgusted with my hair that I just can't stand it anymore (like I am now!) So, I have an appointment this Saturday and I guess there's no backing out now... :P

I also made reservations today to board Sydney for our LA trip later this month. :( We really feel bad that we have to board her, but my in-laws, who usually watch Sydney during our trips will be out of town that week and can't dogsit like they usually do. It's not too bad though because the place where we take her is very clean and the staff there is wonderful.

When I called today, the girl taking my reservations asked me, "Is Sydney still 19 pounds?" I hemmed and hawed a bit before I admitted that she had gained a little bit of weight since then (not wanting to admit that she hadn't been 19 pounds for a couple of years). "It was holidays - they were bad for all of us!" I told the vet assistant. :P Not only was Sydney's weight gain a bit embarrassing to admit, but the boarding rate is based on the weight of the dog and it's going to end up costing us so much more to board her than it did before! Next time, we're definitely putting Sydney on a strict diet and exercise plan before we go away on our next trip! ;) ;)

And speaking of traveling and NYC, why is something fabulous like this happening on the evening of the day we're flying home? :( My NYC timing always stinks, I tell you! :P

I'd better run and grab a shower before I fall asleep on the keyboard... Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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