January 10th, 2006

Bets - as Hildy in On The Town

The next time I update, it'll be from NYC! :D

Yay for surviving my last full day of work before the trip! I'm going in to work tomorrow to principal the trades, but as soon as I'm done, I'm leaving! And our flight doesn't leave until 3pm so hopefully we won't be rushing to the airport like we usually do. ;P

Speaking of which, Mark is up here mumbling, "What else do I need?" I think his travel stress is now at its peak. He'll probably be back up here several times within the next hour examining the contents of his suitcase and mumbling, "Shirt, socks, shoes..." to himself. :) I always tell him that forgetting something just gives us a good excuse to go shopping. ;) Of course, he never finds that too amusing. ;)

I love all aspects of traveling... well, almost all. If there's one part of traveling I hate, though it would have to be the actual flying to get there! It's awful, especially 9 hour flights like the one we'll be taking tomorrow... :P In total our flight time to NYC from Honolulu is approximately 11 and a half hours... Blech! Thank goodness for my iPod and my laptop!

In non-NYC news, I got a very sweet email today filled with wonderful Bets photos (from "Babes In Arms" and "On The Town") from Kelly at Reprise! who was sweet enough to send them over to me. :) Looking at them, it makes me even sadder that I missed seeing her as Hildy in "On the Town" last year - it looked like she was absolutely hysterical in the role! :D

I'm taking my laptop with me so I'll try to check in from NY once I get there (woo hoo for wireless access!) But on the off chance that I don't find an affordable wireless connection, please have a nice weekend everyone! :) I'm off to finish packing. Big *HUGS*
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