January 12th, 2006


A VERY quick update from New York!

The good news is that Mark & I made it safely into the city!! The bad news is that we're COMPLETELY exhausted! We both barely got any sleep on the flight over and once we got to our hotel, they wouldn't let us check in when we arrived. I understand that check in time is at 3pm, but after almost 16 straight hours of flying and waiting at airports, all we wanted to do was change out of our travel clothes and lie down. :P

Thankfully it all turned out okay - they stored our bags for us and we took a quick walk around the city. Mark really hasn't been here since Millie closed so he found it really sad when we passed the Marquis theatre and he saw the "Woman In White" marquee. For some reason it still just doesn't feel right, even after all this time. We also walked past the back entrance to the Minskoff and were sad to see people moving heavy crates of lights and equipment (probably moving "Fiddler" out) :(. It's always sad to see a show leave. :(

We did the tourist thing and took some pictures in and around the Times Square area. :) (Yay for Mark's long arms - we were able to get some "self portraits") :) We stopped at Rite Aide for some snacks and drinks for our room and by the time we got back to the hotel, they were nice enough to check us in. :)

Mark's taking a quick nap right now as I type this, but tonight we're probably going to eat at Charley O's and then we're off to see "Light In the Piazza" - I'm so excited because I've wanted to see this show for such a long time! And because I purchased our tickets right after the extension was announced, we have incredible seats!! :)

Before I leave, I have to send VERY warm wishes out to a VERY special person - Happy Birthday, sabine10!!! I know it might be a little late (with the time difference out there) but I hope you had a day as special and as lovely as you are! :) Big birthday *HUGS* to you!! :)
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