January 24th, 2006



Two days until LA! :)

I knew there was something more productive that I should have been doing tonight (like packing for instance?) but I'm almost ashamed to admit that Mark & I spent the entire evening in front of the TV watching "American Idol." I have to say, it does have a way of drawing me in (and for someone who hates reality TV as much as I do, that's really something!) And I know I haven't seen all the auditions yet, but I've already picked a favorite... Kelly Pickerton (?) - she's got a great voice and she seemed like such a sweet person. :)

My office is having our annual American Idol "contest" again this year and we're all pretty excited about it. The poor men in our office have to put up with all of our American Idol chatter every Wednesday and Thursday mornings. :) They always complain about all the fuss we make over the show, but then when football season is in full swing, we all have to put up with their college football chatter... :P

And because I'm procrasting packing, I stole this from MySpace:

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Hope you all have a nice evening, I guess I should get going and actually start packing! ;) *HUGS*
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