January 25th, 2006

Doug & Sheri


The "It Came From Beyond" Site is finally LIVE! :) I like that it looks and reads just like a HUGE comic book (though it takes FOREVER to load...) :P Kevin looks absolutely hysterical in some of the production photos and I can already tell that I'll be enjoying this show - I can't wait to see it next month!! :D Please take a look... it's very cute. ;)


On a completely different, non-Kevin note, I happened to run into my ex-boyfriend today as I was leaving the bank on my lunch break... He was gabbering away on his cell phone (what else is new?), noticed me walking toward him, waved to me, and quickly gave me a huge half hug as we passed each other by. I was pretty glad he was busy talking on his phone, because I was really in no mood to try to make conversation with him. :P

But, it never fails!!! Of course I had to see him on the day that I looked like a complete mess! You can almost always count on this... whenever I'm dressed well (or at the very least feel good about the way I look) I NEVER see any of my exes, but on the days when I'm feeling fat and disheveled and I'm wearing clothes that don't fit right or I hate, you can be sure that I'll run into one of my exes. :P And to add insult to injury, he looked fabulous!! Could my luck get any worse? Really, now! :P

In LA news... We leave tomorrow! :) Unfortunately, unlike Mark, I still have to go to work since I have such a hard time finding people to cover for me in the morning. As soon as I finish approving the trades, though, I'm leaving and heading straight for the airport. :) Please everyone, pray for good, complete, and compliant paperwork for me tomorrow so I can get out of there in time for my flight! My flight leaves at 1:50pm and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to get out of work by 11:15!

And speaking of such, thank goodness this flight it isn't a long one... The one really great thing about just having come home from NYC is that any flight after that seems SO short!! :) I'll be bringing along my laptop and will be scouting out wireless access all weekend, but in the very off chance that I don't... Please have a nice weekend!! :)
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