January 30th, 2006

Kevin as Bill in Applause

First of all...

I'd like to thank you all SO MUCH for your sweet, sweet wishes, comments, and ecards this morning!! It completely warmed my heart that you would all remember me on my special day!! More than anything, though - I wanted to thank you all for being such wonderful friends to me, for sharing in the little, mundane things I write here and for being a part of my life. And I've always known this, but I'll say it again, I have THE BEST LJ friends around! Big *HUGS* to all of you!! :)

This morning has been going pretty well, I was shocked to wake up and find an ecard from my old boss. :) He wasn't always good about remembering dates, and sometimes he'd forget my birthday when I used to work for him, so I was completely shocked that he remembered and sent over such a sweet card to me now. I miss him and I miss working for him a lot...

Yesterday was a very nice theatre day!! The other parts of the day left a little something to be desired, though... It seems to me that the "trip" part of this trip isn't going so well... :P It's been my theory anyway that an awful "trip", makes for good stage door experiences, though... And that's probably VERY true in this case!

A few of our "trip" mishaps yesterday...

In the afternoon, Mark & I drove to the Coast Playhouse to see Bark!. We found street parking, but because we were running a little late, Mark forgot to "curb the wheels" and we ended up getting a $29 ticket. :( We also got seated in front of THE MOST obnoxious, rude women I have ever seen! The moment we sat down the lady behind me complained that she couldn't see and that we shouldn't have gotten seated in front of them because they were there first. She went on to make rude comments about my hair, "See the girl in front of me? Don't ever dye your hair like that! She's going to have such problems when she gets older and her hair starts turning grey..." I was shocked,... I mean I was sitting right there!! Did she think I couldn't hear her?? She went on to complain about her seat and the children sitting next to her the entire show. And she must've kicked my seat a dozen times... By the end of the first act, I was ready to turn around and slug her. :[


The show on the other hand was wonderful! The cast was almost completely different from the cast I saw back in November. Mindy was a fabulous "Chanel"!! She really added a lot of humor to the role and I was shocked at just how superb her voice was! :) I missed seeing Kristi, but Mindy was really wonderful! Brandon was also on that day for Joe Souza (who was doing City of Angels, ironically) and I always love seeing him as Charlie. :)

After the show...

After the show, we stuck around to tell Mindy how wonderful she was. :) Justin (who I had also seen in Carousel with Kevin) was there to see the show that day too and we spoke with him briefly before Mindy came out from the back. :) Like Kristi, even though I'd been seeing Mindy in shows and emailing with her for a while, I'd never actually met her. She was SUCH a sweetheart, though and it was so nice to finally meet her!! :) She was bubbly, funny, and very personable and asked us to email her the next time we were in town because she wanted to see shows with us. :) Brandon was also a joy to see again. :) He talked about wanting to get tickets to The Last 5 Years and were surprised that we were able to get tickets. It was a really nice time and I'm so glad that we were able to see all of them! :)

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After that, Mark & I went to eat at Mel's Drive In and he had the most delicious looking meatloaf sandwich (which I may end up ordering the next time we go there!) and I had the Supreme Burger (which is filled with ham, cheese, and bacon) - it was TO DIE for!! :) Mark completely enjoyed himself and I think we've found a new favorite eating place in LA! :)

CITY OF ANGELS... for the last time!

City of Angels was wonderful that evening! We had seats in the front row and it was so great to see the show for the last time from SO close up! When I spoke with Gerald Sternbach (the musical director) after the show, he said that he noticed me smiling away in the front row. :) I also got the chance to speak with Daniel Guzman who I loved in The King & I, which I saw on my last trip. :) I told him that I saw him in Most Happy Fella (back in 2001) and he was shocked, "Man, that was a LONG time ago!!" he exclaimed. :) He was also very sweet!

Kevin came over to us and excitedly told us about the "Ten Commandments" DVD that was going to be released soon. :) He also told us that he just shot an episode of "Girlfriends" - and though he doesn't know when it'll air, he told me the title of it is something LONG that he couldn't quite remember (why does that not surprise me? ;) -- Just kidding, of course! I love teasing him!!) He says he has one line in the show ("Well, what do you think?") but I'm determined to see if I can catch it and make screen caps of it for his site. :D We spent a long time chatting about things he may have coming up and it looks like it'll be an exciting year for him. :D

I felt a little bad because we were the last ones talking in the courtyard of the theatre (everyone else was LONG gone!!) and so we wrapped up the conversation as Kevin walked us to our car. It's always SO nice to see him, but this trip was extremely wonderful!! He was just a joy to speak with and he was his usual warm and extremely wonderful self. :)

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Today we're probably going to the strip mall nearby and browse the shoe store, Michael's, and Best Buy and then I think we're going out to dinner before seeing Jason Robert Brown in The Last 5 Years tonight. I really couldn't think of a better way to turn *ahem* 36... than that! :)

Thank you all again SO much and big, big *HUGS* to all of you!! :D
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