February 5th, 2006


I'm sorry if my entry has absolutely nothing to do with the Superbowl today...

...we're not really big on football in my house. :P We usually spend Superbowl Sunday going to places that are usually crowded on the weekends (i.e. the mall!) because we know that for once, we might actually be able to find decent parking! Other than that, sadly it's just an ordinary Sunday to us...

Mark & I did spend a great deal of time eating last night... We're both HUGE fans of good Japanese food so when Mark asked me if I wanted to go to Kyoya Restaurant for a belated birthday dinner, I was all for it. :) We ordered the Sukiyaki dinner, which is beef and vegetables simmered in teriyaki sauce that's prepared right at your table. It was SO delicious - especially the variety of wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots they included! The atmosphere was so perfect there too - the decor was very upscale and the service was excellent. We had such a lovely time that we think we're going to try to go back, possibly for our anniversary dinner this year. :D

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Thank you all so much again for all your good thoughts for Sydney and for understanding what a big part of our lives she is... It amazes me that I've found a group of wonderful people who can understand what Sydney means to us when there are people in my RL who can't... Thanks so much and big *HUGS* to all of you!!
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