February 11th, 2006

Mark & Sheri 1999

LA... Again???

I'm getting VERY excited about my impending LA trip... it's only 4 days away! :D Got my tickets in the mail today for the "Fractured Broadway" concert - Row D - woo hoo!! It should be a fabulous evening - and even better is that two of my friends, Bobbie and Brooke are coming to see the concert too! I told them that Kevin and Adam were both performing and they couldn't pass it up - I'm so excited to see them since it feels like so long since I've seen them both. :D

Speaking of Kevin (which I wasn't really doing, but oh well...) he and Bets are going to be performing in Palm Springs this Sunday. I remembered him saying something about it when I saw him at "City of Angels," but I couldn't remember exactly what he said... Thankfully Bets mentioned it in her last email. It isn't a public concert (which is a shame) but the more exposure, the better, I always say. :)

In great website news, I just sent my co-worker who had been inquiring about my web design work a proposal for helping her husband re-design his website for his portrait studio. I took a look at their old site a few weeks ago and I think I'll be able to help save them a lot of money. Right now they're paying WAY too much for what they're getting (here's a link to their old site). Hopefully they'll be okay with my proposal and I can start working with them on some ideas soon.

In other news, Mark & I are trying our hardest to save money after all the traveling that we've been doing recently, so we decided not to go out to dinner this Valentine's Day. Instead, we're making a nice dinner at home and then using a great chocolate fondue recipe and having strawberries, pound cake, and bananas (dipped in chocolate) for dessert. :) I think in some ways that's much nicer than going out to a crowded restaurant to eat - it's definitely a lot more personal. :)

I'd better run - I'm off to feed the fuzzy dog who is right now trying her hardest to get my attention. Hope you're all having a nice weekend so far! :)
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