March 3rd, 2006

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My grandmother turns 93 today!! :)

...and at 93, she's such a spunky woman that she still lives alone and still chases wild animals out of her yard with a broom. She's the only 93 year old I know who carries burning hibachis around the garage and will still wake up at 4:30 in the morning to cook a dinner for the entire family. What a woman! I can only hope that I'm half as active and sharp as she is when I'm in my nineties. :) The little Japanese I know I learned from hearing her yell in the kitchen (so basically all I know how to do is swear in Japanese...) She's certainly a spitfire though and we've all said that she'll probably outlive us all. :)

My Mom will be going to the Big Island next weekend to help her celebrate her big 9-3 with all of my other aunties and uncles. :) Every year they take my grandmother out for a HUGE dinner to her favorite seafood restaurant and the whole weekend is usually a HUGE eat-fest. Last year, Mark & I joined them and though we wish we could've made it this year, with all the traveling that we've been doing recently, we felt we needed to save a little money. :( We'll definitely try to go and visit her next year. :D

Here's a photo of the three of us last year when we traveled to the Big Island for her birthday. :)

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Hope you all have a lovely Friday!! :)
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