March 4th, 2006


Work that I actually enjoy! :)

Spent most of my day working on various trial pages for the website my co-worker wanted me to put together for her husband's portrait studio. :) It took me quite a while (not to mention several airplane rides) to come up with a layout that I didn't completely hate. ;) Then I spent the majority of the day today changing around the graphics and color scheme a little to give them a bit of a choice (not much, unfortunately...) :P

The pages are not ready to go live yet AT ALL - the links don't go anywhere and the portrait that I used on the page is just a placeholder for a photo that they're going to send me (the one I used is REALLY small and I took it off their current site and enlarged it so it's VERY pixilated...) I'd like to try to email my co-worker the links to the trial pages this weekend, but I was wondering if I could ask you all a favor? Which links should I send her? And which version, if any, do you prefer?

Here are the two I was thinking of sending them:

I did end up creating one in their old color scheme, just in case (though I'm not as fond of it...):

And I'm really not fond of this one, but I created it just in case they thought the first two were bland...

The one thing I ALWAYS seem to have a problem with is the color scheme on my web sites... I usually want them to look sort of subtle, but they usually end up looking a little drab. :( If anyone has any suggestions for ways that I can improve any of the above, I'd gladly welcome them! :)

And finally, here's a link to their OLD site that someone else created, if anyone is interested:

Thanks so much in advance for taking a look and for all your help!! :) Hope you're all having a nice weekend! :)
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