March 9th, 2006

Sheri & Chad 2001

Just trying to make it through until the weekend....

...for some unknown reason - this week felt SO long... I honestly thought that it felt like Thursday way back on Tuesday and I never thought I'd actually make it to the weekend... :P What makes things worse is that tax season is only beginning so I have this bad feeling that the weeks will only start to feel longer as April 15th nears.... :P

In LA theatre news, part of the reason this week felt so long is that I would've given anything to be in LA this weekend! :( Not only is Kevin performing in the STAGE LA benefit concert, but the LADCC Awards (in which Bets is nominated for Best Featured Performance) is this coming Monday!! To make things even more heartbreaking, I just found out last night that Bets was going to be singing "I Can Cook Too" at the awards ceremony! :( *SIGH* Sometimes living so far away from great LA theatre really stinks. :(

Speaking of which - I just discovered recently that Todd Fournier (who I raved about from "It Came From Beyond") was cast in Nick's new show, "Pilgrim" with Bets! :) The show also appeared on Goldstar this afternoon, but by the time I checked, all the Comp tickets that they were giving away were gone! :( Most of the half price tickets were already sold out as well! :) Hopefully that means good things for Nick and his new show and hopefully it'll also mean an extended run into a month when I can actually travel! *crosses fingers*

In other news, Chad recently announced his engagement online and allowed Pat to put up some engagement photos of he and Carly... They look SO cute together and very happy - it's so nice to see him finally get the type of life that he deserves. :) And I really do owe him a lot... for so many reasons - if for nothing else, for introducing me to Kevin 5 years ago!!

And on a completely different note... Phase I of our American Idol contest at work is now over. My boss won first place by correctly picking 10 of the top 12. :) I came in 2nd by correctly picking the 9 of the top 12... I was actually surprised tonight to see Ayla go - it's a shame since she had ONE off night... And who knew Bucky had so many fans?? Tomorrow we start Phase II of the competition at work wherein we have to make our predictions for Top 5 (in the order we think they'll place). It's going to be a hard one for me...

I'm off to catch up on all of your journals! I'm sorry I haven't been around a lot lately, but with work and all the web stuff, I haven't had the chance to spend a lot of time on LJ recently... I will catch up tonight, though - I promise! :) Hope you all have a nice evening!! Big *HUGS*
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