March 14th, 2006

Jesse L. Martin - Rent the movie *SIGH*

Thanks so much...

...for all of your comments in my last entry! Bets was sweet enough to send over some great candid photos of the Awards Ceremony for her site. :) I wish I could've been there, but seeing the photos and hearing the re-caps were really the next best thing. And this is a very exciting week for Bets - not only because of the LADCC awards last night, but her new show, "Pilgrim" opens on Thursday! :)

Thanks to several LJ and MySpace friends (who know who they are) ;), I spent the majority of the night last night on YouTube... I must've played this Jesse L. Martin "I'll Cover You" clip (from the BROADWAY production of Rent!) at least a dozen times. He's just so... I'm not even sure I can describe in words what an attractive man he is... *SIGH* I adore him! Just the way he looks sort of shy when he asks, "Are we a thing?" and the way he takes Angel's hands in his and the way he steals shy glances at him as they walk... *SWOOOOOOON* :} He makes my knees seriously weak... ;) I may have to start watching "Law & Order" marathons with Mark... though I don't find him nearly as attractive in that role for some reason...

In other non-theatre news, tomorrow night I'm going to meet Susan for dinner. It's been a while since we've had our monthly dinner nights and I've definitely missed talking with her. :( Sometimes I feel that maintaining friendships these days takes so much more effort than it did before. For those people in RL that I hardly get the chance to see, my constant fear is that we'll lose touch, like so many of my other friendships from high school and college. Since I've been working and married (and living all the way out here in the middle of nowhere...), I've become very insular... I only tend to see my co-workers, Mark, and my family these days... I would hate for Susan and I to grow apart... :( hopefully our monthly dinner nights will be a good way for us to keep in touch. :)

And finally, I turned in my choices for my Top 5 American Idol picks this morning (we all had to pick before the show tonight):

Collapse )

Well, I'd better run (and possibly watch that Jesse L Martin clip one more time...) *SIGH* Hope you all have a nice evening!! *HUGS*
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