April 22nd, 2006

Kevin - as Trevor Graydon in "Millie"

How's this for laziness?

Hubby's working downstairs on his computer and I'm upstairs working on mine... I can't believe I actually called him on his cell phone earlier today to see if he wanted to go out for lunch! ;) *SIGH* We must be the only couple in the world who calls or emails each other while working on the computer instead of just walking downstairs. ;P

Spent the better part of the morning trying to re-do my business web site. I know the logo graphics are a bit pixilated, but I'm waiting for Mark to send me a nicer copy... for now, the one that's there will have to do. :P I wanted to put up something a little more substantial before I left for LA this week. I've also been working on trying to get the information into the site that I'm currently working on - it's been pretty exciting for me to watch that site come together. :) I'm hoping it'll be ready to go live by the time I leave for LA on Wednesday. :)

In some theatre news, I was so excited to see Diamond Head Theatre's 2006-2007 season announcement. :) Their first show of the season?? Thoroughly Modern Millie!! :) We are SO thrilled with this - Mark & I are definitely going to renew our subscriptions for next year! Musical Theatre West in Long Beach is also doing Thoroughly Modern Millie next year to start off their new season. :) I kept telling Kevin at the Fractured Broadway concert that he HAD to be Trevor Graydon. ;) He just laughed and said, "Uh, yeah... I'll just put that in my calendar right now!" ;) (As if he has any control over that!) ;) I already have a flight booked to see the show in October - because whether or not he's in the cast, I have to see it. I know I've already seen the show 12 times on Broadway, but a few more can't hurt, right? ;)

And finally, yesterday was madness in my office! Everyone must've been incredibly loopy and brain-fried from all the stress of tax season. My sales manager was training our new associate and mistakenly "sent" a fictious account she was opening on the system. About a half hour later, my boss and I received a hilarious email from our home office compliance department asking who opened an account for a "Minnie Mouse" on "Cheese Lane" because it appeared on the anti-money laundering report! :D Oh my gosh, we all just couldn't stop laughing! Our poor sales manager will never live that one down!

Hope you're all having a nice Saturday! I'm off to do more work on the sites. Big *HUGS* to all of you! :)
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