April 24th, 2006

Bets Malone

I can't believe my LA trip is just two days away!!

An overwhelming sense of unpreparedness overcame me today when I saw the ticker on my info page that said, "Only 2 more days until my next Kevin Earley theatre trip." I guess with the tax season and all this web stuff, I must've lost track of the days... This trip just seemed to creep up on me this time! Usually by now I would've agonized over the amount of time I spent procrastinating instead of packing, but this time, I didn't even have the time to procrastinate. ;) Yay for LA being so close - I just hope I'll be able to finish everything I need to do before I leave. :P

In other LA theatre news, I found AMAZING airfare to LA over Memorial Day weekend... It was really too good to pass up - so it looks like I'll be spending the weekend there seeing Bets in "Grease!!" :D I'm so excited!! Not only was it a GREAT fare, but I don't have to take any vacation days to make the trip!! I LOVE red-eye flights!! :)

And I've realized that I've become addicted to the new All-Fruit Smoothies at Jamba Juice. :) I stocked up a while ago when they had two for one coupons and I filled my freezer with them. I take one to work with me daily - and it's a great breakfast! :) And they're all great, but the Strawberry Whirl is the most delicious! :)

Finally, I stole this from defygravity73

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Hope you're all having a nice week! I'm off to do more work on the sites and look for my fuzzy dog. :) Big *HUGS* to you!
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