April 26th, 2006


California, here I come...

...well, you all know the rest. ;) I'm just sitting here waiting for Mark to come home so we can go to the airport. Thankfully I had to go into town this afternoon to take my Continuing Education Exam and because I finished early, I got home an hour or so earlier than I usually do. I'm still not convinced that I've packed everything I need to and I'm sure I forgot something, but at least I had a little extra time to check email and give the fuzzy dog some attention! :)

Thank you all SO much for your comments in my last post! When I got to work today, I found a little gift bag on my chair from my boss. Apparently my BIG boss told her the news last night after I left the office. In the bag was a book about leadership and THE MOST TOUCHING card I have ever received... I was literally crying my eyes out when I read it. It started off with, "My little girl is growing up..." and already I was bursting into tears (yes, I'm a sap!) She's always been like a mother to everyone in the back office, including me. And as nice as titles and promotions are, the nicest, most special part of my job is really the people I work with - I really love them.

So, I'd better go so I can pack my laptop away - I think Mark should be here any minute. I'll more than likely find wireless access in LA (not staying at the same hotel so I'm not too sure...) but in the off chance that I don't, please have a nice, safe weekend!! Big *HUGS* to you! :)
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