April 29th, 2006

Julie Jackson

I miss my hubby & fuzzy dog! :(

Spoke with Mark last night and he said that Sydney keeps looking around the house for me. :( Poor Fuzzy... I always love traveling and seeing shows, but I really do miss Mark & Sydney a lot!! :(

In happier news, I spent yesterday at the mall. I rarely go shopping for clothes back home because it's ridiculous what a small selection we have there! All the clothing stores back home either have clothes that were made for 16 year olds... or 80 year olds... NOTHING for 30-something career people! :( I love Ann Taylor clothes, but I can't afford to go shopping there too often... I also love the clothes at NY & Co. - which sadly we don't have in Hawaii. :( Thankfully it was a good shopping day and I found a few things at NY & Co and even something at Express. :)

Went to see another showing of "I Love A Piano" last night. :) Much more energy tonight from the actors and much more energy from the audience - which was very understandable for the actors since they had a benefit all student performance on Thursday morning at 10am - they must've been exhausted the other day!! :( It seemed to be a bad technical day, though - Dan Pacheco's mic wasn't working throughout most of the first act - which was very sad for him and for us since he has a really nice voice! :(

Enjoyed speaking with Kevin and Julie after the show again and Julie was so sweet... She came out with a cute box which she made out of Wild Party postcards! :) I opened it when I got back to the hotel and found the cutest necklace inside! :) She makes jewelry and crafts in her free time (which I can't imagine she has a lot of, having two young children and working in LA theatre full time!) In any case, I absolutely love it and it was just SO sweet of her!! :)

I also met Jill Townsend that night. She played the "Judy Garland" type character in the show. She was SO nice and remembered seeing me when she was in the audience of "It Came From Beyond!" She spent some time talking with us since she and Julie all carpooled in to work with Kevin. Julie told me how she could actually see everyone in the audience which was very interesting for me since I always wondered how far they could see... I thought they could only see the first two rows... And Kevin didn't have any news for me yet, though he did say that he would have some kind of news (good or bad, I'm not sure) by Sunday so I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be good news.

Today I'm heading into the Burbank/Hollywood area for shows... I'm seeing "Bark" again so I can see Kristi - it's been so long since I've seen her! And then it's off to the Colony Theatre to meet up with Steven to see "The Two & Only". :) I'm pretty excited about that. :) And in-between?? Trader Joe's and other places I need to run to for omiyage (travel gifts) for the folks back home. :) I'm off to make a sandwich and get on yahoo maps for directions! :) Hope you all have a nice Saturday!!
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