April 30th, 2006

Kevin as Billy Bigelow in "Carousel"

The cutest dog costume ever! :)

Went shopping yesterday and I found THE CUTEST gift for Susan and her dog, Toby. :) Susan LOVES to dress Toby (her miniature daschund) up whenever she takes him out - and she loves to dress him up for Halloween. I found the perfect costume for him!!

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In theatre news, I spent the afternoon watching the wonderfully talented cast of "Bark!" I've seen the show twice before and always thought it was cute... but yesterday the cast was a combination that I have never seen before and they were spectacular!! Brandon was in that day as Chester (I've only always seen him play Charlie) - he was terrific!! I LOVED his "M-U-T-T Rap" :) I always love seeing Katy Blake (I don't think I've ever been there when she wasn't), and of course, the reason I was there -- Kristi... She was fabulous as Chanel. Her voice is just SO beautiful!!

It was also so nice to see everyone after the show. Kristi and Brandon were sweethearts, as always!! It's always so wonderful to see them both!! And though I think Bark is a really cute show, I'd really love the chance to see them both in other shows. :) Got the chance to meet Blake Pullen - who was very nice (and surprised that I lived in Hawaii.) And for the very first time, after seeing her in so many shows, I finally got the chance to meet Katy Blake. It was a very nice afternoon! :)

From there I went to the Colony Theatre to meet up with Steven to see Jay Johnston in "The Two and Only". WHAT A GREAT SHOW!! It was hysterical, and touching and just amazing how much talent that man has!! We got to hear about his mentor, got to see his very first "partner" (puppet, or the less desirable term "dummy") Squeaky and got to see "Bob" who, of course starred with Jay for years on the TV series "Soap." We also got the opportunity to see Jay's artwork in the lobby of the Colony Theatre - I was so amazed at just how talented that man is! It was a great show and had me near tears at the end. I'm so glad that I went! :)

It was also nice to see Steven. :) I enjoy talking with him because his love for theatre is very similar to mine. :) And he and I have the same taste in men - how perfect is that? :) I'm really hoping I can see him at a few more shows on my future trips out here! :)

Today it's off to South Coast Rep to see "The Studio" and then I'm meeting Carrie, Laura, and Roger for a showing of "I Love A Piano". :) I'm so excited to see them!! :) It should be a wonderful day!! :D Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!! Big *HUGS*
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