May 2nd, 2006

Doug & Sheri

Yay!! I finally made it home!!

Thankfully I was actually able to get ON the plane this time and made it home safely!! Thank you to everyone who had to put up with my awful mood yesterday... And I realized that I actually posted three entries yesterday which is the most I think I've ever posted. :P

The flight home seemed incredibly long today for some reason and EVERY single electronic device I brought with me ran out of batteries before the flight was over. I worked for a bit on Julie's site re-design and then decided to watch "Rent" and halfway through "I'll Cover You" my laptop battery died. :( So I decided to listen to my iPod - and then it died... Then finally my MD player... which, you guessed it... died as well. :P Luckily the flight was only 5 hours. If it had been a flight to NYC, that would've been really bad! :P

It's SO great to be home, though!! When I walked through the door, the fuzzy dog was so excited that she was making weird cat noises... I kid you not, it sounded like she was meowing! :) She kept jumping up on me and wouldn't let me walk up the stairs. It's SO great to see her, though - I've missed her fuzziness SO much!! She just loved the little doggie animal cookies I brought back for her! And it's funny, but she gets really excited when I go to open my suitcase, because she knows that her special treats always come from there. :)

And because I didn't want to forget, here are some photos of the weekend. :)

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Well, I'm off to get some rest so I can face a full day of work tomorrow. Hope you all have a nice evening!! :)
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