May 17th, 2006


First of all....

...I wanted to thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers for Susan's dog Toby. :) She called me over the weekend and told me that she took him home from the hospital and that he was recuperating nicely at home. :) I'm SO thankful!! One thing I do understand is the helpless feeling of seeing your pet so weak and ill and not being able to make them feel better. :( Thank you all so much for your good thoughts - they really must've worked!!

On another very good pet news note, my boss (the one who sadly lost her dog a few months ago) brought a new puppy home last weekend. And very similar to a new baby in the house, she and her daughter have been taking turns getting up at night when the puppy cries. Aside from being a little tired because of it, my boss and her family are so in love with the newest addition to their family. :) I'm so happy for them because I know that they'll give this puppy a lot of love and they really deserve some happiness. :)

On a trip note, I finally have all my shows lined up for my May trip. :) I will be seeing:

Sat matinee - Grease at Fullerton Civic Light Opera (to see Bets!)
Sat eve - Grease at Fullerton Civic Light Opera (to see Bets!)
Sun matinee - Little Egypt at the Matrix Theatre (to see Misty)
Sun eve - Me Too at the Stella Adler Theatre (with Linda - YAY!!)

Should be a fun trip!! :) I'm very excited about it. :)

A lot of other things going on... :( And I'm sorry I have no energy to write about them here. :( So I apologize if I haven't been around all that much lately. RL has gotten the better of me for the past few days. :P *HUGS*
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