June 6th, 2006

Side Show

Short update...

First of all, I wanted to thank you all who participated in my poll. :) It was so much fun for me to read all of your answers. :)

Been spending the majority of my evening tonight working on updates for the Valley Musical Theatre site - mostly due to some good/bad news from Julie Dixon Jackson... Unfortunately she will not be performing in the VMT concert "Four in the Afternoon (at 3 o'clock)" but instead she was cast in Nick's "I Do, I Do" at Pasadena Playhouse in July! :) So not only can I see Misty in the marriage musicals, but I can see Julie as well. :D It's going to be fabulous!! Add to that, seeing Kevin in "Anything Goes" and that weekend is looking to be a nearly perfect trip (too bad I can't fly up to Sacramento to see Bets in "Fiddler") :(

So, with all the excitement and tickets popping up on Goldstar galore, I think I may finally have my June theatre schedule lined up:

Friday, June 16th (eve): Johnny Guitar (to see Kevin!!) with Linda!! :)
Saturday, June 17th 2pm (mat): Evita (to see Bets!!) with Steven
Saturday, June 17th 8pm: Johnny Guitar (again!) with Carrie, Laura, and Roger!! :)
Sunday, June 18th 3pm: (don't know if it's even possible logistically, but I'd love to if I could...) Roar of the Greasepaint (to see Kristi!!)
Sunday, June 18th 7pm: Johnny Guitar (again!) with Daniel and his lovely family!! :)

It's going to be SUCH a great trip - only 10 more days!! I'm SO excited!! :)

I'm off to catch up with all of you before I collapse. Tomorrow night Mark & I are seeing the sneak preview of "Cars" and I'm pretty excited about that - it looks like such a cute show! :) Hope you have a nice evening!! Big *HUGS*!!
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