June 8th, 2006

Sheri & Susan

Just spent a wonderful evening at dinner with Susan...

...we went to Genki (a little "conveyor-belt sushi" place near my work place) :) and had some great Japanese food and some great conversation. We talked about children, our fuzzy babies at home, our men... it was wonderful... BUT I ate WAAAAY too much! :P By the end, I was SO stuffed that I couldn't even bear to look at the sushi rolling by on the conveyor-belt... it was starting to make me feel ill. :P

Part of me really worries that Susan and I will one day drift apart (very similar to my friend Julie - who you all remember me talking about in the "wedding post" below). I think, the wedding and everything that happened last weekend made me think about the current relationships that I have and really made me realize that it takes a lot of work to maintain them... but they are SO worth it! The last thing I'd ever want to do is lose contact with Susan! :(

Mark & I went to see the sneak preview of "Cars" last night and it was SUCH a cute show! I loved it! Really, I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but it was SO heartwarming and clever that I couldn't help but love it. :) The ending (when the credits roll) is incredibly funny... if you do go and see the show, don't walk out before the end of the credits, if you do you're missing out on a great John Ratzenberger moment. :)

And on an LA theatre note, this made me INCREDIBLY happy :D - especially this part:

    "...the strongest asset of Joel Higgins' West Coast premiere staging is Kevin Earley's inspired scenery-chewing. As the titular character, a guitar-strumming Clint Eastwood clone, Earley matches the soaring splendor of his voice with a hilariously goofy parody of the genre's narcissistic macho archetype. When he caps off the sidesplitting "Tell Me a Lie" by baring a little flesh, he garners the evening's longest sustained belly laugh."

So what's this about Kevin baring a little skin? ;)
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