June 14th, 2006

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No more hose, lovely trades, and mango love!!

On a lighter note (because all of my posts have been so depressing recently) :P ...my work place has finally gotten out of the dark ages! :D In a place as rigid as the bank, we actually had one of our first changes to our dress code manual in over 25 years (I kid you not, the manual they pass out today STILL has pictures from the 1970's and early 80's.) :P Women are FINALLY allowed to wear open toe shoes with their dress slacks AND don't need to wear nylons! Thank goodness!! Especially in a place like Hawaii where the median temperature for at least 90% of the year is 84 degrees. :P

Speaking of weather, the lovely trades are back which means that the humidity we had for the past few weeks has finally gone! Of course the weather would get lovely just as I'm about to leave for LA. ;) I hope the weather there is mild... Thankfully I always seem to miss the rain whenever I'm there. :)

In other good news, the folks in my office have been in mango heaven recently!! :) One of our reps owns a mango farm on the Leeward side of the island and every once in a while he'll drop off some mangos for us. I used to have a mango tree when I was growing up, but our fruit never tasted half as good as his!! And what was once a summer tradition (people giving neighbors, co-workers, etc. mangos until no one could eat any more of them...) now is a valuable asset... Mangos are quite the hot commodity these days, even in Hawaii. :)

I'm off to pack! :) The laundry is already done - which is an odd turn of events for the night before I fly... usually I'm frantically trying to do laundry right now. ;P If I can only figure out what I need to take with me, perhaps my packing will get done tonight too. :) I know, wishful thinking. :P Hope you all have a lovely evening!! :)
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