June 28th, 2006

Kevin as Edward Rutledge in "1776"


I got my first phone call today EVER from a collector... :P Apparently they said my credit card was two months deliquent and they were going to put it on my credit report. I was in shock!! :O I had absolutely NO IDEA what they were talking about because I'm a fanatic about paying bills on time... I mean, I take bill payment VERY seriously!! I asked him what card it was and he said it was my Ann Taylor credit card.

Then I remembered... I applied for and received an Ann Taylor line of credit a couple of months ago and put my first purchase on it - but had NEVER received a bill or even the card itself! I'd nearly forgotten all about it! I told him I'd never received a bill and asked him what address they had for me on file. Can you believe they had only the numeric part of my address and NO STREET NAME? No wonder I never got my bills! He put me on hold and verified that they'd been getting return mail for me... What upsets me is - they got return mail for me and NEVER picked up the phone to call me to verify my address, yet they can pick up the phone to demand their money?? WTF?

I gave them my correct address, and they told me they'd change it on the system but that I had to pay $125 by today - which was much more than I had even charged on my account to begin with! :P When I asked WHY the large amount, the guy said that it included two $25 past due fees! :( I really don't think that I should have to pay the late fees... I mean, if I'd gotten a bill, I would've paid it! :[ Then he told me he needed my bank routing number and account number so they could debit my payment automatically... Shoot, I work with fraud cases every day and I didn't want to give them that information over the phone. So I told him that there was an Ann Taylor across the street from my office (which, thankfully, there is) and I would walk the payment in myself, but that I was only willing to pay what I owed - and not any of the late fees...

He told me that I had to pay the entire amount or my account wouldn't be "current" and that they would credit my account back the $50 after the payment was made... HUH?? For one thing, I didn't ever want to use that credit card again - and there was no way that I was going to let them hold $50 of my money on it for something I DIDN'T do! I was so upset that I decided to just go down to the store and explain it to a sales person to try to see if someone could help me there.

Thankfully, the sales person I went to was VERY nice when I explained everything to her and she called them back for me and got them to deduct the late fees and I ended up paying what I owed in the store. She also made sure that they were going to take the item off my credit report. :P Thank goodness it all ended alright, but that's the LAST time I ever apply for an in store credit card at the check out line - I've learned my lesson!! :[

*SIGH*... Sorry for the rant! Happier post to follow, later - I promise.
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