July 1st, 2006


SO much wonderful food and MUCH fun with my co-workers!!

Last night was probably one of the most decadent food adventures that I've ever had in my life! My BIG boss took the entire back office out for a really elegant dinner at Alan Wongs to celebrate the best month ever in sales in the history of our program. The food was exquisite and we all had such a wonderful time!! Really, I think the nicest part of my job will always be the wonderful people that I work with - we're so fortunate that we're all really close and that the atmosphere is more like a family than a regular office. I think they're the main reason that I could never leave my job!

Most of us had the 5 course dinner tasting menu last night (most of them had it with the 5 courses of wine selection - that came with the dinner as well - except for me, because I don't drink...) I swear... by the 2nd course, I was completely full... I really couldn't eat anything else. Luckily the restaurant was nice enough to give us take home boxes and I ended up taking the entire next three courses home. We got to the restaurant at 5:30 and didn't leave until four hours later... And even if I didn't have a drop of alcohol, we were all laughing and talking so loud that you would've thought that we were ALL drunk... ;P

Here are some photos of us last night (with some photos of our entrees - and due to the sheer volumne of food last night, I could only pick a few of the highlights or this entry would go on forever!! :))

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Today Mark & I are taking it easy (I may have to run a few thousand miles to burn off the calories from last night's meal...) and then this evening we're headed to my co-worker Steve's house (who is pictured above in the second photo) for a 4th of July BBQ.... *SIGH* more good eating - how will I ever lose weight this way??

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!! *HUGS!!*
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