July 10th, 2006

Sydney & Sheri

Today is my Mom's birthday. :)

Last night Mark & I took her out to eat at Shokudo - which has become a favorite Japanese restaurant of ours. The portions there are HUGE and it's more "family style" dining - which was fun. We tried the teriyaki chicken pizza, the spinach salad, fried shrimp maki, and the ever-wonderful cinnamon warm honey toast for dessert. :D It was all SO delicious, especially the HUGE honey toast!! My Mom loved the dinner and I'm pretty sure she found a new favorite place to eat. :D She also loved the photo printer that we got for her - and even though we didn't have the time to set it up for her last night, she was already talking about what good use she'll put it to. ;)

Here are a couple of photos from last night (only a few because we were too full to smile for the camera after the meal!) :P

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So this should technically end my string of horrible eating... until the end of the month, of course, when I'm taking Mark to Alan Wong's for his birthday. I swear, July is such an AWFUL month to try to diet in my family with all the birthdays that need celebrating! ;P

In other news, Bets emailed to let me know that, sadly, she never got to see my co-worker at the stage door on Friday night. :( I'm hoping that my co-worker made it to the show at all... I'll have to call her this morning to find out if she did get to see it. I'm really curious to hear her impressions since I haven't been able to find any "Fiddler" reviews online anywhere. :(

And finally, we've been noticing that Sydney has been eating less and less recently... I know it must be because she's getting older and possibly her appetite isn't as big, but whenever she doesn't eat I get paranoid since her awful illness a few years ago started with her not eating... It's almost time for her annual vet visit anyway so we'll definitely have to speak with our vet about that. Other than her lack of appetite, though, Sydney seems pretty active and definitely still maintains her little diva personality (which we all love) and we can barely even believe that she'll turn nine this September!

Well, I'd better run to work! I apologize if I haven't been able to catch up on your entries, I will definitely catch up when I get home from work tonight. Big *HUGS* to all of you!!
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