July 12th, 2006

It's My Party

Gah! I leave for LA tomorrow and I'm SO unprepared!!

I swear, with everything going on at work and all the updates I've been working on for my sites, this next LA trip REALLY crept up on me! :P Thankfully I was able to do laundry last night in between working on updates for Ronn's site, but the packing, the battery charging, and (no doubt) the stressing are all yet to come. :P

As embarrassing as this is to admit, I actually spent most of my non-internet time last night (until 2am, actually) watching the DVD of "It's My Party" which I finally received in the mail from my Amazon order. :) Have I mentioned recently how much I love and adore Gregory Harrison? More than just my pre-teen crush, I've come to realize what a talented actor he is. I absolutely adore him in this film. He and Eric Roberts are just so... heartbreaking together. *SIGH*

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On a completely different subject, poor Sydney has no idea that I'm leaving again tomorrow. :( She's happily leaning against me with no idea that her backrest won't be here tomorrow night. I always feel SO bad whenever I leave - I wish there was some way to explain to her that I'll be home soon, but she always looks so sad and lost when I walk out the door with my suitcase. :( Poor fuzzy!

Well, I'm off to do more work on the updates for Ronn's site and hopefully throw some things together for my trip. I work tomorrow, but I'm leaving half day to head to the airport for a 2:45pm flight. I'm hoping that even with all the things going on at work, I'll be able to finish my daily trades and get out of there in time to make my plane. I probably won't be online for the entire day tomorrow with work and my long flight... Hopefully I'll be able to get an internet connection at my hotel - but, if for some reason I don't, please have a nice weekend!! :D *HUGS*
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