July 15th, 2006

Doug & Sheri

First of all...

...I wanted to thank you all SO MUCH for voting for Sydney yesterday!!! Mark & I (and Sydney, of course!) appreciate it SO much!! With your help she pulled into third place (she was really far behind in last place yesterday morning!) Voting can actually be done once per day until the contest ends (which is on the 24th.) Any help that we can get would be greatly appreciated!! Of course we are so thankful for all the help that you've all already given us. :D Big fuzzy *HUGS* to all of you from my fuzzy baby!! :D

In other LA related news, last night I met my friend Steven for a showing of "Anything Goes" in Long Beach. We had the most incredible seats!!! Fifth row center!! :D I told Steven it must've been because the Will Call people felt bad because they didn't have his name on their Ovation voter reservation list (Boy was he mad!!) I've never sat that close for a MTW show and it was so great to be able to see everyone's expressions. :D

The performance was fun and filled with such wonderful talent! The show itself is a little dated and a little politically incorrect... I was teasing Kevin when I saw him later about his "offensive" Chinese accent. ;) He said he wanted to pop it up for this performance since he knew I'd be in the audience (and of course wanted to maximize the offensiveness) ;) He also said if there was anyone else that they could possibly offend with the show, they probably would've. ;) All kidding aside, although the show was a little dated, I really enjoyed it - if only to see all the wonderful performances.

Spoke with Kevin a lot after the show and teased him about his clean shaven face ("This is how I'm used to seeing you!!" I exclaimed as he came out of the stage door.) We talked about how wonderful Belle Calloway is and he got confused when I told him that I'd seen her in "Chicago" on Broadway. He asked me, "What show?" Then realized... "Oh in the SHOW Chicago ON Broadway!!" Kevin's SO cute! :) Spoke about Julie's new film that she's leaving for Poland to shoot next week... Sad part is that she's missing their big family vacation cruise. :(

Saw and spoke with John Massey, Jr - who was fabulous and SO hysterical in the show!! He was Nicely Nicely in "Guys & Dolls" at MTW and really fit the part of Moonface Martin perfectly! Also got to meet and speak with Gordon Goodman who was also wonderful in the show as Lord Evelyn. It was a wonderful cast with so many talented people!! :)

Today is my three show day!! I'm seeing Tami in "tick, tick...BOOM!" in Hollywood at 2pm, Julie in "I Do, I Do" in Pasadena at 5pm, and Misty in "The Last 5 Years" at 9pm. I'm SO excited!! :D Hope you're all doing well!! Thanks again for voting for my baby and I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!! *HUGS*
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